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Must-Have Vintage Trailer Accessories

Now that you have your travel trailer, it’s time to make sure that it feels just like home. At Vintage Trailer Supply, we have all your interior decorations and exterior vintage parts to ensure that you’re living the true American travel trailer dream.


Vintage Trailer Supply’s selection of Airstream exterior parts are authentic and high-quality pieces that are often hard to find. Our selection of parts can help you maintain or completely renovate your trailer to keep it in top-notch shape.

Polishing Aluminum:

Keeping your vintage trailer polished can help restore the classic and timeless feel that aluminum trailers offer when they are brand new. While polishing requires specific tools and is labor intensive, we offer a guide on how to polish your trailer that also contains tips on maintenance and repolishing and frequently asked questions. As far as tools, we offer drill and grinder polishing tools and supplies, with buffers shaped as wheels, cylinders and mushrooms, as well as tapered buffers, to help cover space, trim and detailed work. For polish options, we carry Airbrite Aluminum Polish and Nuvite Nushine II Polish in Grade S, A, C, F7, G6, F9 and F10 depending on your travel trailer’s level of oxidation and level of corrosion.

Windows & Doors

Once you have your trailer body looking as good as new, you’ll need to make sure that the windows and doors are maintained for future use. Our pile weatherstrip resists mold, mildew and corrosion as it helps reduce air, wind and water infiltration from windows. Other options to reduce air, wind and water infiltration from windows include seals and glazing strips. For glass replacements, we carry various shapes of curved glass and flat glass so that front and side windows can be restored. Keeping your belongings safe while using your travel trailer is a must. Our wide range of vintage trailer replacement door parts and locks will keep your trailer secured at all times. We stock airstream locksets, deadbolts, keys, latch bolts and more.

Nameplates, Emblems & Decals:

After you’ve perfected your trailer’s exterior, the last thing you want to add is a nameplate, emblem or decal. Adding one of these will help add quality and authenticity to your vintage travel trailer. Our reproduction nameplate options for Airstream trailers range from the 1950s to 1960s and come with a lifetime warranty that protects it from cracks, peels or chips.

Wheels & Hubcaps:

Creating an iconic throwback look for a trailer comes down to the small details. Travel trailers made in the 1950s, 60s and 70s had hubcaps and wheels that made them look classic and sleek. We carry vintage wheels in various sizes for travel trailers, with four-bolt, five-bolt and six-bolt options. For a more polished and finished look, we carry hubcaps for different travel trailer styles, such as dome-shaped that fit all of our six-bolt wheel options, canned ham hubcaps that are similar to the original Scotty and Shasta caps, cone hubcaps as seen on 1960s travel trailers and 1940s hubcaps for wheels with “innie” nubs.


The real work and restoration comes from decorating the interior with the right items to maximize your limited space. With the right theme and decor, you can completely transform an old travel trailer into a new and retro space that makes you feel right at home. Our selection of interior parts, accessories and supplies can help you give your travel trailer new life.

Bunks & Beds:

Depending on your travel trailer make and model, your space may be limited. We can help you secure beds and bunk beds within your small space with our bunk latch and bunk brackets. For extra-small spaces, we can help you create a sliding bed with our hardwood bed slide that can be tucked away when you’re not using it so you can better utilize the space.

Wood Repair & Sealing:

To prevent water damage and rotting in travel trailer wood flooring, our Smith & Co CPES Penetrating Epoxy can seal wood, preventing future damage and helping to maintain your wood floors. For wood flooring with more damage and for a less time-consuming and less costly fix, you can use Smith & Co Fill-It Epoxy Filler. Epoxy filler uses an advanced hydrogen bonding technology to produce a high-strength, lightweight, non-sagging, easily sanded epoxy filler. Comprised of an epoxy resin and a curing agent that is derived from natural wood resins, it is very compatible with wood.


For the final touches, it’s all in the details. We carry all your vintage decor needs, from household kitchen items such as trailer-shaped salt and pepper shakers to vintage open-road-map designed kitchen towels. With happy camper embroidered bed sheets and cute vintage-trailer-printed fabrics, you can create your own pillow shams or sheets to fit your style!

Once you’ve knocked out your interior and exterior repairs, you can relax and enjoy your trailer and feel right at home living the American travel trailer dream.

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