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Bargman No. 99 Teardrop Marker Light Stratolite 42 Oval Marker Lens
Teardrop Marker Light
Our Price: $14.99
1960s Oval Marker Lens
Our Price: $4.39
Famous "wedding cake" style lens. Used widely in the 1950s and 1960s for side and top clearance lighting. Used on many 1960s trailers. Exact replacement lens for the top marker lights on many 1960s Airstreams.
Oval Marker Clearance Oval LED Marker Base Double Bullseye Marker Light LED Double Bullseye
Oval Marker Base
Our Price: $3.99
1970s+ Marker Light
Our Price: $4.95
1970s+ LED Marker Light
Our Price: $8.99
For 1960s and newer trailers. Convert your late-1960s marker lights to LED. The "double bullseye" design used on many trailers starting in the 1970s. Traditional double bullseye in modern LED.
4-1/8" Round Lens Porch Light Airstream Light for Above the Main Door Trail Lite No.98 Complete Assembly - 1 Bulb
4-1/8" Round Lens
Our Price: $5.95
Porch Light Complete
Our Price: $27.95
4" round lenses available in red, clear or blue. Complete Airstream or Silver Streak porch light assembly. Cast light above door for 1969 and later Airstreams. Get the complete one-bulb assembly at a discount.
Trail Lite No.99 Complete Assembly - 2-Bulb Trail-Lite No.98 Backing Plate Trail-Lite No.99 Backing Plate Aluminum Base Reflector
Complete two-bulb assembly at a discount. Stainless steel replacement for your missing or rusty taillight base. Stainless steel replacement for your missing or rusty taillight base. Common on many vintage trailers.
Oblong Reflector Round Reflector Rectangular Reflector Cover for Fiber Optic Tail Light Monitor
Oblong Reflector
Our Price: $1.49
Round Reflector
Our Price: $1.79
Adhesive backed. Available in amber or red. 3-3/16" reflector. Used on Airstreams starting in 1974. Replaces white plastic cover found on sides of mid-1970s Airstreams.
Trail-Lite 4 Lens Airstream License Plate Light Hollywood Accessories Model D52 Bargman Trail-Lite #5 License Bracket
A special touch for the back of your vintage trailer. For 1969 and later Airstreams and other brands starting in the early 1960s.

A reproduction of the original used on 1960s Airstreams.

Get rid of that corroded bracket.

Starburst Marker Monarch 9075 Backup Lens Monarch Tail Light Canister Compact Courtesy Lamp
Starburst Marker Light
Our Price: $4.99
Monarch Backup Lens
Our Price: $7.91
Monarch Taillight Can
Our Price: $14.99
Compact Courtesy Lamp
Our Price: $3.19
Late 1960s & 1970s marker light for Shastas and other makes. Used on Airstreams starting in 1974. Replace those rusty cans. For steps, foot paths and license illumination.
Square Taillight Lens Rubber Grommet Bargman No. 6 Lens Bargman No. 9 or No. 8
Square Taillight Lens
Our Price: $4.28
Bargman No.9 Trim Rings - Set of 2
Our Price: $59.95 / Set
Used on Airstreams starting in 1974.  Used on Boles starting in late 60s. Great for passing wires and tubes through wall framing and belly pans. Used in the 1950s by Airstream, Boles Aero and others. Super high quality reproduction of original rings.
Backup Light Arrow No. 53 Marker LS 348 Marker Light Bargman No.2
Backup Light
Our Price: $9.99
Arrow No. 53 Marker Light
Our Price: $10.55
LS 348 Marker Light
Our Price: $17.99
Similar to those used on many Airstreams in the 1960s. For vintage 1960s and 1970s Serro Scotty trailers. For Airstream taillight arrays from 1975 to 1978. 1950s taillight lenses.
KD540 Reflect-O-Lite 110 150 Recessed Stainless Canister
Corn Porch Light Lens
Our Price: $26.99
KD 540 Marker Lens
Our Price: $24.95
For late 1940s Vagabonds and others. As seen on 1940s and early 1950s Spartans! Hard to find taillight lens for many old trailers. Excellent replacement for Bargman No. 9 taillights.
Trail-Lite License Light Socket & Bulb Yankee Turnflex No. 1 Lens Replacement Lens for #53 Marker Light 1969-74 Airstream Taillight Canister
Make your Trail-Lite work like new again. For Serro Scotty trailers and others. Freshens look of lights. Premium reproduction for early 1970s Airstreams.
School Bus Taillight Recessed Taillight 1950s Porch Light C M Hoof Marker Lens
Recessed Taillight
Price: $39.99
C M Hoof Comet Lens
Price: $27.99
Not vintage looking, but functional. Some late 1960s Airstreams used this taillight for brake, running light and turn signal. A classic of 1950s design. Used on some 1953 to 1955 Airstreams.
Rectangle Backup Lens 7-Way Wiring Box 1965 Airstream Taillight Housings
7-Way Junction Box
Price: $24.99
12V Compact Light
Price: $4.99
Reflect-O-Lite 950 reproduction. Wire your trailer right with this high quality junction box. Another VTS reproduction. Great for closets, as footpath lighting or inside cabinets.
Spartan Porch Light Marker Light with Chrome Base Beehive Marker Lights Airstream Main Door Light Lens Cover
Bling for your vintage Spartan. A larger teardrop marker light. Nice for early 50s trailers. Airstream Door Light Lens
Monarch Chromed Triple Taillight - Recess Mount Monarch Chromed Triple Taillight - Surface Mount 110V Candelabra Socket Silicone Gasket Sheet
Candelabra Socket
Price: $4.99
Chrome plated recessed taillight. Chrome plated recessed taillight. For mini screw base bulbs. For making your own gaskets.
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