Chesler T5 NOS Cylinder and 2 Keys

Chesler T5 NOS Cylinder and 2 Keys

Product Code: VTS-841


Airstream and a couple other makers of vintage trailers used the Chesler T-5 lock from the mid-1960s until 1969.  The very earliest Bargman L-100 and L-200 locksets also used this cylinder.  The cylinder is unique in that it has a wide flat actuator on the back end of the cylinder.  This makes it different from the similarly-shaped cylinder for the Bargman L-66 and L-77 locksets.

Sometimes, we receive a very limited quantity of these cylinders from old dealers or other treasure troves. They are NOS "new old stock" meaning that they have never been installed in a lock but were manufactured decades ago. They have shelf wear, but are in excellent condition.

If they are currently out of stock, we will have no estimate of the next shipment arrival date.