Hehr Clear-View Operator

Hehr Clear-View Operator

Product Code: VTS-410


Hehr Clearview windows usually came equipped with these heavy duty operators. They feature a fixed 9/16" metal disk or "button" on the end of the arm that will not wear or crack like some older versions. The button slides in a track on the side of the window's front frame.

We've had these specially manufactured to have the button on the side opposite the handle and to be cut to 7" long from button center to arm pivot pin. There are two sets of mounting holes. One set is spaced 3-7/8" on center. The other is spaced 4-3/4" on center.

Each operator comes with the handle shown. Our torpedo style handle may be purchased separately, as may be appropriate on some vintage trailers.

The operators come in both LEFT and RIGHT versions, the designation referring to the side with the tip button when the operator is retracted and the arm is pointing DOWN. With Airstreams, it is the side of the window the operator is mounted to when standing inside the trailer looking out.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an Airstream manufactured between 1961 and 1965, it is highly unlikely these will work on your trailer.