Crocodile Hanger for Awning Rails

Crocodile Hanger for Awning Rails

Product Code: VTS-968
$2.29 - $2.59

Keder Crocodile Hangers are made of PVC and are a very strong and reliable way to hang any fabric material from your awning rail.  Just slide your fabric into the strong teeth of the crocodile and then use 2 included screws to tighten it down so that the fabric cannot come out.  These are great when you want to let the fabric drape more like a curtain.  

They are available hanging straight down or in a 90 degree version called the Bent Hook version.  The bent hook version works when the opening in your rail is horizontal.

They are great for hanging tent side walls, banners or curtains on any structure. Imagine the way you could use these when camping or even at home.

Sold individually.