Cyclo Rupes

Cyclo Model 5 Polisher - Aluminum Kit

Cyclo Rupes

Cyclo Model 5 Polisher - Aluminum Kit

Product Code: VTS-127S

Save When Buying the Kit:



We've put together this ready-to-go kit for customers who are buying a Cyclo polisher for bare aluminum. It includes all the accessories you'll need with your Cyclo to create a mirror shine on a properly prepared aluminum trailer.

The kit is discounted $20 over buying the individual items separately and makes sure you have what you need so you don't waste time.

In addition to the tool and proper density backing foam, it includes Nuvite Grade S Very Fine polish and cotton terry pad covers for applying it.  We think this kit will save you time and simplify your investment in the legendary Cyclo tool.  While you may find you want to buy accessories like brushes in the future, this gets you started on creating the mirror finish you want on your vintage aircraft style travel trailer.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Cyclo Mark II Polisher with blue ProGuard Orbital Backing Plates (VTS-126)
  • 1 Pound of Nuvite Nushine Grade S Very Fine Polish (VTS-900SL) 
  • 4 Velcro Backed Orange Foam Compounding & Polishing Pads (VTS-2379) 
  • 12 Cotton Terry Pad Covers (VTS-134) 

Polishing aluminum is a three-step process. This kit is the tool, accessories and polish you need for the third and final step. Before moving to the third step, you will need to remove all oxidation. Please go to our Polishing Center for more information and to download our polishing instructions.

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