Direct-Read Dial for Worthington Tank Gauges

Direct-Read Dial for Worthington Tank Gauges

Product Code: VTS-203D

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If you have a vertical Worthington tank with a separate liquid level gauge on top next to the service valve, you can replace the dial on the gauge at any time. In doing so, you can easily convert a remote-read gauge to a direct-read gauge.

It is easy to replace the dial. You can do it with a screwdriver and it takes only a minute or two. The tank can even have propane in it at the time of the conversion because the dial is entirely on the outside of the tank.

These dial fits all the gauged tanks we sell. Please contact us before ordering if you ordered your tank from another company to make sure these are compatible.

Mounting holes are 1.87" (47.5mm) on center.

These are replacement dials only. These dials do not work on tanks without internal gauges.