Double Sanitary Tee 3" x 3" x 2" x 2"

Double Sanitary Tee 3" x 3" x 2" x 2"

Product Code: VTS-981


This ABS double tee is useful for drain waste systems when two gray lines feed directly into the tee. It has a 3" hub (or socket) on the top. The hub can be solvent welded to the outlet side of several of the Thetford valves. It will fit on the 08708, 08709 and 08669 valves.

The side connections are both 2" hubs, allowing for gray water to be brought into the tee downstream of the black valve. 2" Valterra gray valves can be installed at those locations if you have a gray tank or wish to valve your gray water. If you would like the valves on the sides, you will start with part VTS-991 solvent welded in the 2" hubs. That will create the flanges to bolt on the gray valves.

If you would prefer 1-1/2" hubs on the side, simply install our VTS-977 bushings in each hub.

The outlet of the tee is a straight spigot (the same diameter as a standard 3" pipe) to allow connection of either a Thetford or Valterra bayonet. A bayonet is the ring with the nubs that the cap or flexible hose twist-lock onto.