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Electrical & Lighting Supplies for Vintage Trailers

Your electrical and lighting systems are some of the main components of your vintage trailer.To stay safe on the road, you need high-quality exterior lighting. To be able to cook, maintain the right temperature while you sleep and go about your day, you need a reliable power converter. Your electrical and lighting systems are paramount to your essential needs and safety while you are camping. Without proper management of those systems, they can fail, causing you to lose the ability to use any appliances, control air temperature and more. This situation is the last problem you want to deal with while you are trying to enjoy your travels. Thatís why we offer reliable electrical hardware for vintage trailers.

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45 Amp Inteli-Power Converter Winegard Rayzar Amplified Antenna Furrion 30A Round Stainless Inlet Furrion 30A Inlet - Square Gray Valox
High-tech converter at a remarkable price. Portable HD antenna with advanced low noise amplifier for twice the range. Sleek new design and an affordable price. Same quality as stainless inlet but at a lower price.
Furrion 30A Inlet Round - White Valox Inteli-Power Converter PD9260 Winegard Rayzar Air Amplified HD Antenna Winegard Rayzar Air Retrofit HD Antenna Black
Same quality as stainless inlet, but at a lower price. A high amp converter for heavier 12V power consumption. Rayzar Air Antenna Rayzar Air Retrofit Kit
Furrion Cable TV Inlet - Stainless Steel Furrion TV Inlet  Plastic Furrion Cable TV Miniature Inlet 12V RV Fuse Box
12 Volt Fuse Box
Our Price: $47.99
Finally, a great-looking data/cable/satellite inlet! Great way to connect a portable satellite dish. 2" version of a coax inlet.

The best replacement DC fuse box we've found. Great features.

30A LED Cordset 15A Weatherproof Inlet Inteli-Power 4560 102 Inch Stainless Whip Antenna
15A Weatherproof Inlet
Our Price: $84.99
102" Whip Antenna
Price: $27.00
Used with our our 30A inlets. Heavy duty quick connect 15A inlet. Ultimate all-in-one electrical system for trailers with heavy electrical use. Fits our ball mount and spring perfectly.
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We offer the perfect combination of vintage-style lighting and the reliability of modern technology. Our teardrop marker light features the same vintage style of the 1950s but uses LED lighting to provide better visibility.Shop bulbs, sockets, power protection, fuses, breakers, interior lighting, outlets, switches, solar power supplies and shore power supplies with Vintage Trailer Supply today!

If you are new to the vintage trailer community and need assistance maintaining your electrical and lighting systems, check out our guides below. If you prefer to contact us, our customer care department would be happy to help with any questions you have about RV lighting supplies and accessories!

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