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Electrical & Lighting Supplies for Vintage Trailers

Your electrical and lighting systems are one of the main components of your vintage trailer. Without proper management of those systems, the electrical system can fail, causing you to lose the ability to use any appliances, control air temperature and more. Vintage Trailer Supply has a complete catalog of electrical hardware and lighting system supplies for a wide range of vintage trailers, including Airstreams. Shop bulbs, sockets, power protection, fuses, breakers, interior lighting, outlets, switches, solar power supplies, shore power supplies and more with Vintage Trailer Supply today!

Adhesive Backed Wire Clip RV Electrical Systems Managing 12 Volts
Adhesive Backed Wire Clip
Starting At: $0.20
Managing 12 Volts
Price: $16.97

Manage wires in walls and under cabinets.

The go-to guide for installation and troubleshooting, both 110V and 12V. An excellent book on 12-volt electrical systems
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