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Exterior Sealants & Caulks for Vintage Travel Trailers

At some point, every vintage trailer will need a little RV roof repair. While travel trailers are built with different types of sealants to protect it, over time your trailerís exterior will start to suffer from wear and tear. This can cause your trailer to lag while in transit. Unsecured exterior sealants will also allow natural elements in, such as water, heat and insects. RV roof sealants should be checked every six months or so to ensure they are intact. Sealants that are showing signs of cracks, peels, gaps, voids, breaks or looseness need to be replaced to prevent further deterioration.

TremPro 635 Aluminum Pigmented Gutterseal Parbond Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure
Our Price: $7.99
Modern version of Vulkem in both Gray and White!
Wicks into lap seams. All-purpose seam sealant in a handy 5 ounce tube. Unique method of tracing and sealing mystery leaks!
Butyl Putty Tape Caulking Syringe TremPro 644 RTV Silicone Gray Aluminum Aluminum Foil Tape
Butyl Putty Tape
Starting at: $4.23
Large Caulking Syringe
Our Price: $1.49
Modern version of the classic putty tape used for decades. Apply Vulkem with ease using large disposable syringes. Available in black or aluminum colors. Great for temporary repairs on metal trailers!

For those quick-fix temporary emergency situations, we carry aluminum foil tape to help buy time until you can get your hands on a more permanent fix. For the best application of aluminum foil tape for travel trailers, use on a clean, dry and oil-free surface so that it can full adhere to the trailer for temporary repair. For more serious and permanent solutions, our selection of travel trailer caulking and sealants can help you keep your trailer in the best condition possible. The location of the leak or where the sealant is damaged will determine the type of sealant and caulking you need.

While both caulking and sealants will patch a loose seal, their elasticities are different, and using the wrong one in the fragile area can cause more cracking as it dries. Sealants are usually more flexible and will never fully harden so they can expand into spaces to secure them while caulk tends to be more rigid and needs to be used in areas where it doesnít need to expand and contract. Make sure you choose the right sealant or caulk for your RV roof coating. For unsteady hands and rusty application, we have a silicone removal caulk so you can tidy up the application area.

Whether you are repairing a seal on an aluminum Airstream or trying to keep insects from getting into your RV, Vintage Trailer Supply has the exterior sealant to reseal and protect your vintage travel trailer.

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