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Vintage Trailer Exterior Lights

If you follow the "for sale" ads for vintage trailers, you've already seen how much an original looking exterior raises the value of a trailer. You know the importance of authenticity, whether original or period-appropriate. It comes down to the details - including exterior lighting, which affects the whole look of a trailer from the outside. Anything out of place will immediately draw the eye. A modern light fixture on a vintage camper could truly impede on the authentic vibe.

At Vintage Trailer Supply, we understand the need for quality and genuine vintage camper lights, which is why we offer the most extensive selection of hard-to-find parts that are authentic to specific models spanning from the 1940s through the 1970s. Additionally, many of our outdoor trailer lights have modern twists, like LED versions of classics, to ensure safety and clear views. From bulbs and sockets to porch lights, we’re committed to providing vintage camper enthusiasts with all the necessary lights to guide their way.

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