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The exterior shell of your vintage trailer is what separates you from the elements and allows you to enjoy the open road year-round. Without a secure shell, your vintage trailer can become uncomfortable and even unsafe in unpredictable environments. Vintage Trailer Supply specializes in exterior molding, trim and edging for vintage travel trailers, so you can be sure your Airstream is road-ready. Shop aluminum molding, aluminum corner trim, edging and exterior seal supplies for RVs, vintage trailers and campers today!

Airstream Trim Band (1956 to 1965) Airstream Anodized Rubrail Extrusion 2" J Moulding Roof Edge Molding 1-1/8"
J Moulding
Our Price: $17.99
Roof Edge Molding
Our Price: $21.99
Replace your gouged or banged up trim. Often used with 1" vinyl insert. Wheel well trim. Covers the seam where siding meets roof.
Aluminum Drip Moulding Airstream Rubrail Angled End Cap Airstream 1979 Belt Line Casting End Cap Airstream Upper Swing Arm (46") 101839
Quality extruded gutter helps keep water out of windows. Small casting for end of rubrail. 1979 Airstream Beltline Casting Airstream Upper Swing Arm (46") 101839
Shipping Tube for Extrusions 60" or Longer Insert Trim Mouldings Underbelly Wraps for Airstreams (1969-Present) J Rail for Roof Edge Gutters
Blue Insert Trim Mouldings
Starting at: $24.75
Must be ordered with any of our 6-foot or 8-foot extruded aluminum products. 1974 Airstream and later. belly wraps for Airstreams As seen on Shastas and other canned hams.
Black Vinyl Rubrail Belt Line Insert Trim Molding Insert Trim Mouldings
Orange Insert Trim Moulding
Starting at: $27.25
Black Rubrail Insert 1974 Airstream and later.
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