Fan-Tastic Vent


Fan-Tastic Vent

Product Code: VTS-414

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$172.99 - $248.00

Now with our customized units, you can install a premium FanTastic fan in your vintage aluminum trailer and from a distance, no one will be the wiser...

We love FanTastic vents. They're extremely well designed, moving a lot of air in or out of your trailer quietly. And they are of the highest quality in both materials and construction. The only problem we've had with them up to now was that they didn't have a model that blended in well with vintage trailers.

Normally you see FanTastic vents with a raised dome on top rather than a flat lid like the older trailers have. And they often have the operator knob sticking too far into the headroom of low-ceiling vintage trailers. Even worse, if you have an aluminum color trailer, the white vent base sticking up above the trailer is a dead giveaway you've changed something.

We're committed to high quality, vintage-appropriate restorations and modifications. So to meet our mission, we worked with FanTastic to come up with a vent that meets the special needs of vintage travel trailer owners. We think you'll love the results.

Our FanTastic vents have durable flat lids.
The flat lids looks a lot more like the old flat Hehr aluminum vent lids than the more modern dome lids do. And they extend a mere 2-5/8" above the trailer roof. FanTastic's strong Lexan or ASA plastic polymers will never wear out or break.

In addition, FanTastic has shortenened the up/down crank knobso it fits closer to the ceiling. That little detail is important with low vintage ceilings. You'll be much less likely to bump your head on the knob.

And best of all, FanTastic has made us vent bases in gray color plastic rather than their standard white. That means the parts above the roof line are gray, like the aluminum skin of Airstreams, Avions and many other classics. (The interior color can be off-white or gray).

If that's not enough, to top it all off they've also manufactured some units with flat opaque gray lids to match the bases! If you want to match the old aluminum Hehr lids as closely as possible, go with the all gray option. Of course, we offer the lids in transparent smoke color if you'd rather go that route.

And you have even more options...
Choose whether you want a thermostat. Our three fan models have a 3-speed fan that can be set to blow in or out. The model 2250 and the model 3350 each add a thermostat. With the thermostat, the fan will operate only when the thermostat calls for cooler air. Once the thermostat is satisfied, the fan shuts off automatically. It is designed to deliver more consistent temperatures. Perfect for use when you leave your pets behind or while sleeping.

Choose whether you want a rain sensor with a motor that automatically closes the lid when the rain starts. It's definitely the deluxe option! The 3350 is the only model with the motorized rain sensor. The 3350 also has the thermostat like the 2250. The rain sensor is not available without the thermostat.

Choose your interior color. Most people choose an off-white interior, but an all gray interior is available if you would like that appearance.

Choose your ceiling garnish shape. We offer
two different interior ceiling garnishes. The standard garnish is flat and works for trailers with flat ceilings or very slightly curved ceilings. If your trailer has a curved ceiling, you may opt for a garnish with arched filler strips to accommodate the curve (see photos). The curved garnish curves up 5/8" in the center, to cover up to a 5/8" ceiling curve over a side-to-side distance of 14-1/2". It curves only in the front and back and has no curve on the sides. You can see a photo of each by clicking on ADDITIONAL PHOTOS. If you want the curved garnish, please let us know.

All our powered fan models feature the following specifications:

  • Industry leading durability and proven longevity
  • Quiet, 12-volt fan with 3-speeds
  • Transparent fan blades allow more light in
  • Reversible fan blade motor (in or out)
  • UV-resistent dome has a lifetime guarantee
  • Removable screen for easy cleaning
  • Low power draw allows longer use (see chart below)
  • Rooftop weight is approximately 11 lbs.
  • Fits roof thickness of 1" to 2-1/2". For thicker roofs, contact us for customization.
  • Standard interior garnish is designed for a flat or nearly flat ceiling. If your ceiling is curved, you may opt for a curved ceiling garnish instead. Contact us if you would like this substitution made.
  • Fits a standard 14" x 14" vent opening (fits in most existing rough opening)
  • Lid protrudes 2-5/8" above roof when closed.
  • Overall dimensions are 16 1/2 x 16 1/2.


Fan-Tastic Vent provides a two-year limited warranty (lifetime warranty on exterior dome) against defects in materials and workmanship when installed and operated according to instructions.



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