Flannel Polishing Cloth - 10 Pack


Flannel Polishing Cloth - 10 Pack

Product Code: VTS-2550


Each package contains 10 polishing cloths.

Cyclo orbital buffers are remarkably good at bringing up a high shine in aluminum. As the tool for the finishing step with Nuvite S or Airbrite No.6 no-cut polishes, Cyclo polishers are unrivaled. However, the one mild criticism of orbital tools is that they leave light swirls behind. For some polishers, it isn't a big deal and the swirls do fade with time. 

However, if you are interested in no swirls at all, you'll need to master the technique of polishing with a cotton cloth wrapped over the heads of the Cyclo for the last buff out. Doing so will require a bit of extra work but the immediate impact is fantastic and you'll get the extreme depth and image in the polished metal that people expect from using aircraft grade polishes.

These specialized polishing cloths are made by Nuvite for just this purpose. They are premium flannel sweatshirt material with 95% cotton content, and most importantly, a soft polishing face of 100% virgin cotton. 

The larger 20" x 30" size of these cloths let you wrap the cloth around the heads of the tool and have many "polishing positions" so you can use one cloth for quite some time. Polishing positions are simply the ability to move the cloth around so that you are using a clean spot on the cloth whenever the polish or aluminum residue starts to build up.

Another benefit of the polishing cloths is that they do an excellent job sucking up leftover polish around seams or rivets so that you don't need to do a lot of hand tidying after you are finished. That time savings, alone, is worth it. 

You can wash and reuse them a time or two, but they do make a mess of your washing machine and dryer. We find that most people just dispose of them and use new each time. For a small trailer, you may need about 30 polishing cloths,. For a larger trailer you may need double that. So for larger trailers, you may find washing and reusing the cloths is worth the washing machine cleaning.