Furrion 30A RV Powersmart LED Cordset

$110.95 - $129.99


Furrion 30A RV Powersmart LED Cordset


Engineered for use with Furrion’s 30A shore power inlets, these quality 30A RV cordsets complete a professional shore power system that is attractive, watertight and convenient. One end is a standard male 30A RV campground plug. The other end attaches to the inlet on your trailer.

All cordsets come with Furrion's Powersmart LED indicator system at the plug end. The LED’s indicate when power is present at the cable so there's no guessing. Cordsets are made to the highest quality standards for long life use. The male plug end has Furrion’s Pullsmart Safe Disconnect feature, an innovative design which helps prevent neutral loss occurring by user error. The female end is the marine locking standard that attaches to the inlet.
Blue LED is the Powersmart feature. It indicates when power is present to the cord.
Red LED indicates reverse polarity or neutral loss.
  • Available in black only
  • Universal fit with all other brands
Cable specs:
  • Rated up to 600v, 105oC
  • 10/3 STW 17.7mm
  • Thermoplastic vinyl insulated
  • Plugs: made to exacting NEMA standards (NEMA L5-30R)
  • Hand grip on campground side protrudes out 2" from face of plug