Galvanized Steel Insect Screen

Galvanized Steel Insect Screen

Product Code: VTS-543

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$49.99 - $129.99

24" wide x 24.5 feet or 98 feet long.

If you're working on old Hehr Standard, Keene, and Air-O-Lite windows, you may have noticed the insect screen is crimped on the window frame rather than being held in place with a rubber spline. If you use aluminum or fiberglass screen, the crimp doesn't hold in place, leaving you with loose screens.

The original screen in these prevalent 1940s, 1950s and 1960s windows was made of galvanized steel and it held up extremely well for decades. You may never have to replace it unless you are doing a major refurbishment of your windows or have had an accident. The only thing that ever goes wrong with it is that corrosion can build up on it over decades of exposure to the elements. (Click on MORE PHOTOS to see a comparison of the clarity between 50-year old screen and the same screen in brand new condition.)

Galvanized steel insect screen is hard to find and is almost never available in hardware stores and home centers.

Our galvanized screen works and looks just like the original. It is made of electro-galvanized zinc-coated steel with a wire diameter of .009. The wire mesh is 18 x 14, which means there are 18 vertical wires per inch and 14 horizontal wires per inch. That's the same mesh used in most household windows.

e recommend using our offset screen roller to install it.

old in 24" wide rolls that are 24'6" long or 98' length. It is designed to be run horizontally for the proper look.