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Hardwood Bed Slide

Vintage Trailer Supply

Hardwood Bed Slide

Product Code: VTS-1055


Some vintage trailer slide-out beds or gauchos use wood bed slides. Wood bed slides are strong, rigid and very durable. When in good condition and properly installed, wood slides provide a smooth and maintenance-free mechanical foundation.  Typically 3 or 4 were used on each bed.  

Our high quality bed slides are 32" long solid maple and when fully extended are up to 55-1/2" long. They are 1-3/4" high and each slide is 1" wide, creating a 2" overall width. A sturdy wooden cleat in the track at the end of each half act as hard stops to prevent the slides from overextending after they are installed.

They are easily cut to length so you can use them on narrower beds.

To install them, you will lay the slide on its side so that the left half and right half pass by each other. 

You will notice that the sides are ever-so-slightly offset from each other (up and down) to reduce friction when carrying weight.  Determine which side is lowest and screw it down to the fixed base framing.  The other half, which is slightly raised, should be screwed into the sliding plywood platform.


Sold individually. 

Note: slides typically arrive with a steel brad in one end that is used to prevent the slides from separating during shipping. It should be removed before installation.