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Hingeless Baggage Door Seal

Vintage Trailer Supply

Hingeless Baggage Door Seal

Product Code: VTS-325


/ Foot

We made this gray silicone rubber bulb seal to fit in the extrusion on the hingeless (removable) baggage compartment doors on Airstreams in the late 1960s. On those hatch doors, the T-base slides into a channel on the back side of the doors.

This seal is included free when you buy our extrusions to build a new door, but we're making it available separately, too, so you can do maintenance on any 1965-1968 Airstream with this seal as original.  We've heard from customers that it also works for other baggage compartment or truck doors.  For instance, we understand it is a good fit for 1967 Aristocrat trunks.

Sold by the foot. Order the number of feet you need and it will arrive in one continuous length.

Assembled door shown for context only.

  • Bulb diameter: approximate .16" 
  • T-base width: approximately .16"
Why Silicone Rubber?

Premium silicone rubber seals are extremely resistant to wear, ageing, weather influences, ozone and UV-light. That means they don't shrink or crack over time like inexpensive vinyl rubber.  Silicone has excellent temperature stability in hot and cold climates. It does not "compression set" or deform permanently when compressed. 

Description Above Price
  • Made of premium silicone rubber
  • UV-stable so will not shink or crack over time