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Cabinet Hardware: Hinges, Latches, Hooks & Knobs

Vintage trailer cabinet accessories and parts can be sparse to come by, but at Vintage Trailer Supply, we have a wide variety of cabinet hardware. Making sure your cabinets are easily accessible and functional can help keep things safely stored and out of the way in your tiny space. Simple and traditional cabinet options can be found in our pulls & knobs section. Here you can find drawer and cabinet handles and knobs for simple solutions to cabinet doors. For latch options, we have vintage trailer cabinet parts that can fit various themes. From art deco style to embossed styles, you can find an option that suits your travel trailerís interior style.

Plastic Swirl Arched Drawer Pull Deco Striped Drawer Pull Chevron Cabinet Pull Chrome Cabinet Pull 3" CC
Bakelite handle for midcentury trailers Bakelite handle for midcentury trailers For Shastas and other mid century trailers. Great classic touch to cabinets.
Chrome 1-1/2" Cabinet Knob Chrome 1" Cabinet Knob Art Deco Pinch Catch Embossed Pinch Latch
Embossed Pinch Latch
Our Price: $7.99
Great classic touch to cabinets. Great classic touch to cabinets. Authentic mid-century cabinet catch. Authentic mid-century cabinet catch.
Push Button Latch Byam Hook 48" Continuous Hinge for Stone Guard Rooster Catch
Byam Hook
Our Price: $4.97
Rooster Catch
Our Price: $2.85
High quality simple cabinet latch. Retro charm and incredible practicality. Continuous Hinge
For overhead and base cabinets.
Overhead Cabinet Latch: Airstream Brass Push Button Cabinet Catch Rooster Catch - Heavy Duty Dual Roller Catch
Dual Roller Catch
Price: $3.99
For late 1960s Airstreams. Surface mount latch. A beefier cast version of the vintage elbow catch. Roller Catch

Camper cabinet hardware options include strong and durable hinges so that cabinets open and close smoothly without any problems. Our hinge options allow for 270 degrees of full range of motion so you can easily get into cabinets and store away your items. Trailer cabinet hardware is important to maintain to ensure you can easily store away items and retrieve them as necessary while in a smaller living space. We even carry door spiral guides for roof lockers in Airstream campers from 1974 and later.

Installing new vintage cabinet hardware can give your travel trailer a new look and protect wood cabinets from fingerprints and wear and tear from everyday use. Our selection of vintage camper parts come in different styles, materials and finishes to fit various types of style preferences. With our selection of trailer cabinet hardware, we can help you maintain a functional and tidy space in your vintage travel trailer.

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