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Interior Molding & Trim

Molding for interior spaces helps seal up seams between surfaces, helping with cleanliness and airflow as well as offering visual appeal. No matter the type of camper or trailer you have, Vintage Trailer Supply stocks the appropriate molding and trim. We offer a wide variety of aluminum and plastic molding, including cove molding, counter edge molding, bulkhead molding, J trim, vinyl bath inserts, cove cabinet welt, cove gimp, round cabinet welt and more. Shop all your interior molding needs with Vintage Trailer Supply today!

Vinyl J Trim Vinyl Bath Insert Countertop Moulding - 13/16" Satin Countertop Edge Moulding - 3/4" Polished
Vinyl Bath Insert
Our Price: $0.59 / Foot
For vintage Airstream interiors. For vintage Airstream interiors.

For an easy vintage counter look.

Vintage countertop trim.

Cove Moulding - Large Cove Moulding - Small Bulkhead Moulding Cove Cabinet Welt
Cove Moulding - Medium
Our Price: $19.99
Cove Moulding - Small
Our Price: $16.99
Cove Cabinet Welt
Our Price: $19.98
Finished floor edges and many other uses. For wall/counter joints and more! Perfect extrusion for attaching walls inside your trailer. For the seam between cabinets and walls.
Round Welt Cove Moulding - Large Stainless Steel Cove Moulding 3/8"
Round Cabinet Welt
Our Price: $14.98
For the seam between cabinets and walls.

Largest of our aluminum cove mouldings.

A 3/8" stainless steel cove moulding.

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