Masterlock Stainless Pivot-Lock Hitch Pin

Masterlock Stainless Pivot-Lock Hitch Pin

Product Code: VTS-023

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It's just a hitch pin, but it is so smart and well-designed. You'll never need to replace your pin again due to a lost retention clip because there are no loose parts!

The 5/8" diameter pin is stainless steel and features a permanently attached pivoting aluminum head that you can’t loose! The head pivots in either direction for fast and easy installation.

And to top it off, it won’t rust.

  • Stainless Steel Hitch Pin Fits 5/8" receivers
  • Usable length of receiver pin is 3"
  • Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance
  • Class III/IV rating
  • Tapered Ends for Easy Insertion
*Color of aluminum head may be either blue or red.