Noxon Spring Combination Punch

Noxon Spring Combination Punch

Product Code: VTS-500


This brilliant tool has solved a major headache for vintage trailer owners who are drilling out old rivets. The dome head rivets on Airstreams, Spartans and most other vintage trailers require great care when removing. If you do not own a rivet removal tool, the best method is to use a nail punch to dimple the head and then use a split point drill bit to carefully drill through the center of the head.

But using a traditional nail set and hammer is a slow, cumbersome, and not particularly consistent way to dimple rivets. This tool saves the day. Just place the working end on the rivet head, pull the striking end straight back and release like snapping a rubber band. The recoil action of the spring produces a clean, sharp mark.

It's a brilliant idea, and to make it even better, the tool has a center punch on one end and a lighter, sharper prick punch on the other end. The prick punch lightly marks surfaces while the center punch creates a deeper indentation for your drill starts.

You're going to love this tool and you'll soon find yourself using it on woodworking projects, too!

The tips are hardened to 55 Rockwell, and the spring has a lifetime warranty.