Nuvite Nushine II Polish - Grade S (Very Fine)

¥4,886 - ¥96,284


Nuvite Nushine II Polish - Grade S (Very Fine)

Grade S is a finishing grade that gives a really deep, clear image when used as a final step on a properly prepared, oxidation-free surface. It is best used with a Cylco polisher to eliminate swirl marks in the finished surface. Grade S is not abrasive, so it won't remove oxidation. It will, however, remove swirl marks and create an unbeatable mirror. 

If you are looking for a polish for annual touch ups to remove light oxidation, try Nuvite Grade A or Grade C. Then finish with Grade S for "The Nuvite Look."

Choose size below. If you have multiple trailers, 10-pound buckets are a best buy.