Pad Washer System 2000

Pad Washer System 2000

Product Code: VTS-010


This amazing device improves the way you clean your wool pads and will save you a lot of time washing and re-washing pads.

Pads load up with polish residue and aluminum oxide while you are polishing. They soon get to a point where they don't work very well and need to be cleaned. Normally, you wash by hand and then air dry. The problem is that hand washing doesn't get them very clean. And that means that you'll get less polishing time before washing the next time you use them.

The biggest advantage to the System 2000 Padwasher is that it cleans pads much more thoroughly than doing it by hand. It is also much faster than the hand method, taking only about 30 seconds to thoroughly clean a pad.

It is completely self-contained, and it is powered solely by your rotary polisher so it doesn't require any plug-ins or attachments.

We sell it to clean our wool polishing pads, but it works very well on foam pads and most other sizes and thicknesses of pads.

1 Year Limited Warranty.