Pad Washer System 4000

Pad Washer System 4000

Product Code: VTS-2039



A crucial part of the polishing or detailing process is keeping pads clean. 

The functionality of a pad washer of any kind is quite simple: it is a spring-loaded wash plate inside of a bucket, which, when pressed down upon by your polisher, uses a pump system to spray water and pad washing solution against your pad to clean it while it rotates.

What happens more often than not with traditional pad washers is recirculation of contaminated water mixed with a solution to clean your pads. Essentially, the water is getting dirtier the cleaner your pad gets; however, recirculating that soiled water solution is counterproductive if a pad is exposed to it for too long. Contaminates soak back into the pad and cause it to become dirtier than it was to begin with.

The System 4000 Pad Washer uses a pump system to clean pads with fresh, unused water or cleaning solution to provide the best pad cleaning experience. The unique yet simplified design separates dirty water from the fresh cleaning solution by pumping from a lower bucket where the new solution resides while increasing water pressure and reducing clogging. The dirty water instead ends up in the catch basin, containing a filter at the bottom engineered to prevent dirt and grime from leaching back into the clean solution below.

Think of this system as a “bucket within a bucket,” where the catch basin sitting above the lower bucket allows a user to stop, dump out the dirty water, and continue. This ensures pads will not be cross-contaminated with dirty water and old abrasive particles, providing an actual clean pad for continued usage.

Notable Improvements:
  • Pure Flo® Technology keeps your cleaning solution and contaminated water in separated basins to ensure the purest water is being used in your pad cleaning process
  • Improved Carrying Handle that helps carry the bucket and balance the unit more effectively
  • Redesigned Wash Plate for increased durability combined with brand-new sealing technology
  • Improved Pump Design eliminates pressure loss while reducing clogging and obstructions
  • Modified Open-Top to decrease the quantity of water and solution from unintentional water spray
For best results, stock up with plenty of our VTS-837 citrus pad cleaning powder.