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Phillips Jalousie Side Seal

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Phillips Jalousie Side Seal

Product Code: VTS-296


/ Foot

This premium T-shaped rubber strip slides in a vertical channel on both the left and right sides of many 1960s Phillps jalousie windows. The strip is a weatherseal that the glass panes close against.

The seal's T base is 0.14" wide and slides into a 0.185" wide track on the sides of the window. The flap extends 1/4" from base.

We've seen these windows on 1974 Boler, 1963 Avion, 1962 Serro Scotty and other trailers of that era. Let us know if it works on yours.

Our high quality reproduction is made of silicone rubber which will not become brittle and break like the original vinyl version did.

Sold by the foot.

Description Above Price
  • Made of premium silicone rubber
  • UV-stable so will not shink or crack over time