Pile Weatherstrip for Jalousie Windows

Pile Weatherstrip for Jalousie Windows

Product Code: VTS-333

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This high density pile weatherstrip replaces the worn out aluminum-backed wool pile on the sides of Hehr 1600 and 4600 series jalousie windows with 4" glass panes. It also replaces the all rubber side weatherstrip on some jalousie windows with 7-1/2" glass panes. It is similar to old Hehr part number 010-122.

The polypropylene fiber pile is woven to a stiff plastic backing 17/64" wide. The pile height, including the backing, is 13/64". Please check your dimensions to confirm this is the right size for you.

The pile resists mold, mildew, and corrosion and has exceptional resistance to abrasion.

Measure the old splines and order the number of feet needed for your window.

Sold by the foot.


Installation is simple, but there is a trick to it. Remove the existing worn out pile by sliding the metal backing splines out the bottom end of the tracks. Slide the new spline in from the bottom as far as you can. Then continue to push up from the bottom as you wiggle the window glass open and closed repeatedly. This allows the pile to pass by each pane of glass as you install it. Some customers find this pile a bit too thick and use an electric razor to shave it down a bit.