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A crucial part of owning a travel trailer is its maintenance and care. While not the most glamorous part of travel trailer ownership, every owner will have to service the tanks and plumbing apparatus to keep the trailer running in tip-top shape. This can be a messy and troublesome endeavor. Vintage Trailer Supply is here to help make this process a little smoother with our selection of camper plumbing parts for vintage trailers.

Shower Valve SeaTech 1/2" x 1/2" MPT ABS Pipe - 1-1/2" Diameter Sea Tech 1/2" Female Thread x 1/2" PEX
Two Handle Shower Valve
Our Price: $29.99
ABS Pipe - 1-1/2" Diameter
Starting at: $2.64
Great for wet baths. Screw directly into our fresh water tank. Most common diameter pipe used with gray water plumbing. Connect your supply line to the inlet on a single basin faucets.
3/4" Female Thread x 1/2" PEX ABS Pipe - 2" Diameter Union Connector, 1/2" PEX Union Elbow, 1/2" PEX
ABS Pipe - 2" Diameter
Starting at: $2.98
Connect your PEX supply lines to inlets on many faucets. 2" pipe is occasionally used in gray water plumbing. A simple coupler to bring together two sections of 1/2" PEX. Used in almost every PEX installation.
Elbow  1/2" MPT x 1/2" PEX Female Connector Elbow, 1/2" CTS x 1/2" NPS Stackable Elbow, 1/2" PEX Union Tee, 1/2" PEX
Screw directly into our fresh water tank to take an immediate turn. Quickly install these fittings on valves or hot or cold water lines. Ingenious fittings for compact installations. Used in almost every PEX installation.
Stackable Tee, 1/2" PEX Stackable Branch Tee PEX Tubing Cutter 3-Way Valve, 1/2" PEX
PEX Tubing Cutter
Price: $13.99
Ingenious fittings for compact installations. Ingenious fittings for compact installations. The only tool you will need to install Sea Tech fittings. Unique, quick-connect design allows for quick and easy connections without any special installation tools.

It is very important that your plumbing and water systems are in the best possible condition. Although it may not seem like a huge ordeal to not have running water while you are camping, this predicament defeats the purpose of a vintage trailer experience. You want to be able to enjoy camping and keep the same level of comfort you have at home. Our selection of camper plumbing accessories will help you perform the necessary maintenance on your vintage trailer so that you donít have to sacrifice comfort for adventure.

We offer every kind of tank accessory imaginable, and our selection of camper plumbing supplies ranges from shower and tub upkeep to making sure your pipes are winterized and ready for any weather you might experience.

The plumbing of vintage trailers can be finicky at times. Our camper plumbing accessories facilitate the maintenance process for you. We aim to provide you with all the tools you need to attain the best possible camping experience and the longest life out of your trailer.We offer all of your bathroom, plumbing and maintenance essentials.

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