Polar Hinge

Polar Hinge

Product Code: VTS-779


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Vintage Burro travel trailers used hinges like these made by Polar for their entrance doors. They were originally chromed die cast hinges, and in many cases they haven't held up well.

At overall width of 6-1/4", these authentic Polar hinges are very similar to the originals but made of cast and polished 304 stainless steel. They fit the original mounting holes and will last much longer. They are a slightly different profile, but very similar.

These hinges are also great for refrigerator doors and small cabinets. Top and bottom hinges are identical. They are designed for right hinge doors but the pin can be reversed. They have no offset so are designed for flush installation.

They revolve on a nylon bearing for smooth operation.

Price is for each hinge. Order 2 for your door.