Polished Trailer Pin

Polished Trailer Pin

Product Code: VTS-231

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A favorite! Wear this stunning pin to declare your slightly uncommon affection for classic travel trailers. The rivets, windows and other details are embossed and have a dark patina. The wheels are slightly recessed, adding to the detail. A quality clasp will hold it securely to a lapel, blouse, hat or dress.

The size is just right at 1.75" wide x 1" tall, and it shines when polished!

These pins are made from a very nice quality traditional alloy called ALPACA (often referred to as "nickel silver" or "German silver"). The alloy is composed of copper, nickel and zinc. It shines wonderfully.

Many years ago we were able to offer this eye-catching piece of jewelry. It was very popular but then our limited supply was gone. We liked it so much that we have now made a special arrangement with the designer to bring it back only for our customers.

Description Above Price A memorable gift for any trailer lover!