POR-15 Self-Etching Primer


POR-15 Self-Etching Primer

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POR-15® Self-Etching Primer is the perfect solution for painting over top of cured POR-15®.

Painting over cured POR-15® must be done with care. POR-15® dries to such a slick, impervious surface that topcoats don't bond to it properly. That's why topcoats should be applied while POR-15®is still in what we call the "finger drag" stage of drying. If you've let your POR-15® paint cure beyond that point, you'll need to use this self-etching primer to create the proper bond between POR-15® and your topcoat. With POR-15® Self-Etching Primer, you can even topcoat POR-15® that's been in place for months or years.

POR-15® Self-Etching Primer is engineered specifically as a bonding coat for POR-15®. It is NOT a high-build primer. But it can be sprayed on almost any painted surface and can be topcoated in 15 - 30 minutes. It bonds incredibly well to POR-15® Rust Preventive Paint, and all topcoats bond incredibly well to POR-15® Self-Etching Primer. It can be sanded lightly, and, if desired, multiple coats may be applied.

We strongly recommend this fine product, which we sell with our unconditional money-back guarantee of satisfaction. In situations where you are topcoating a very old POR-15® finish, we first recommend a light sanding with any 280 to 320 grit paper.


SIZE: Oversized 15 ounce aerosol spray can.

THEORETICAL COVERAGE AREA: 48 to 60 square feet per pint. 96 to 120 square feet per quart. 2 coats recommended.