POR-15 Stop Rust Kit


POR-15 Stop Rust Kit

Product Code: VTS-407



We're offering the POR-15 Stop Rust Kit for our customers who may be anxious to try out this great rust-stopping system, as well as those customers who have just a small area to paint.

You'll get a 4oz can of POR-15® Gloss Black (enough to cover 6 square feet with 2 coats), a half-pint of POR-15® Metal Prep, two wooden handle paint brushes, and a pair of high-dexterity surgical latext gloves, PLUS an 8oz bottle of the famous POR-15® Cleaner Degreaser, a superb WATER BASED degreaser.

We believe that once you see how the system works, you'll want to treat your entire trailer chassis from tongue to bumper.

Covers 12 square feet, or 6 square feet with two coats.

The kit does not come with a topcoat. Any POR-15 that will be exposed to sunlight should be topcoated while the POR-15 is in the "finger drag" stage.

The most durable and best-bonding topcoat is the POR-15 brand topcoat (Stirling Silver or Chassis Black), but if you are doing just a small amount and want to save some money, you can topcoat with brush-on Rustoleum or similar.