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Shipping Tube for Extrusions 60" or Longer
Shipping Tube for Extrusions 60" or Longer
All 6-foot or 8-foot
extrusions must
ship via FedEx
and can only ship
to United States

Cost: $8.50

Product Code: VTS-777

If you are ordering any of our 60" or longer rigid aluminum products, you must order this item to have your products shipped in.

This PVC pipe is a rigid container that will protect your fragile extrusions while in transit. We have found that long thin items have a very high rate of damage in transit when shipped in cardboard tubes or boxes via UPS, FedEx or USPS. If shipped by motor freight, the same items usually arrive safely but require a shipping charge of approximately $100. To avoid both excessive damage and extremely high shipping charges, we are requiring all 6-foot and 8-foot extrusions be shipped in long PVC tubes.


We have tried many other methods and this is the only method we have discovered that actually works and isn't unnecessarily expensive. The $8.50 price covers the FedEx surcharge for packages that exceed 60" in length. You are not actually being charged for the PVC tube...which may arrive banged up.

The tube will arrive with solvent-welded caps or plugs in the openings. You can poke a hole in a plug and cut the remaining plastic out to remove your extrusions. Caps need to be cut off with a hacksaw, taking care not to cut through or damage the extrusions as you cut!

Order only 1 tube regardless of the number of extrusions you order.

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