Progressive Dynamics

Progressive Dynamics 4060: 60 Amp Converter + AC/DC Distribution Panel

Progressive Dynamics

Progressive Dynamics 4060: 60 Amp Converter + AC/DC Distribution Panel

Product Code: VTS-675

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A superb all-in-one system for major electrical system overhauls on trailers with 30 amp AC service. All major components are in one integrated, central box.

The Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power 4045 has nearly all* the premium features of our Progressive Dynamics 9260 60 amp converter PLUS an AC breaker box for 30 amp service PLUS a DC fuse box all in one package. And the price is truly astounding.

Save money and space by creating a combination AC/DC power center with your AC breaker box, DC fuse box and power converter all pre-wired together and all in one compact box. The panel is designed to be surface mounted in a 10.75"W x 7.25"H" cutout in a cabinet face. To mount it to a wall inside a cabinet you will need to build an interior mounting surface that allows air to flow behind the unit.

NOTE: Breakers and 12-volt fuses are not included with the system, but are commonly available through electrical supply companies and some hardware stores. We carry compatible AC breakers and DC fuses.

Maximum AC Main Breaker = 30 amps
Maximum AC Distribution Circuits = 7 (1 must go to the converter)
Maximum DC Output Current = 60 amps
Maximum DC Distribution Circuits = 12
Overall Size 12.25"W x 8.875"H x 7.25"D
Weight = under 7 pounds!


All DC fuse panels are designed for one-wire DC systems.  That means your ground on your interior lighting and other 12v loads are designed to chassis ground rather than running dedicated ground wires back to the fuses directly. If you would like to run a two-wire system with dedicated circuit ground wires, you should bring those back to a bus bar (user provided) and then ground the bus bar to chassis.

*The 4060 does not include a voltage stage manual override button. That means the charger cannot be manually switched from one voltage output level to another. This is normally not a problem because the internal Charge Wizard technology switches to the appropriate voltage level automatically whenever necessary. However, some users prefer to be able to switch into BOOST mode before their battery is heavily depleted.


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