Progressive Dynamics PD4560: 60 Amp Converter + AC/DC Distribution Panel

Progressive Dynamics PD4560: 60 Amp Converter + AC/DC Distribution Panel

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Inteli-Power 4560The ultimate all-in-one system for major electrical system overhauls. All major components are in one integrated, central box.

The Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power 4560 has all the premium features of our Progressive Dynamics 9260 60 amp converter PLUS an AC breaker box rated for up to a 50A main breaker PLUS a DC fuse box all in one package. And the price is truly astounding.

Save money and space by creating a combination AC/DC power center with your AC breaker box, DC fuse box and power converter all pre-wired together and all in one compact box. The panel is designed to be surface mounted in a 10-1/8" x 13-1/4" cutout in a cabinet.

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NOTE: Breakers and 12-volt fuses are not included with the system, but are commonly available through electrical supply companies and some hardware stores. We carry compatible 30amp AC breakers and DC fuses

Maximum AC Main Breaker = 50 amps/240v AC
Maximum AC Distribution Circuits = 12 (1 must go to the converter)
Maximum DC Output Current = 60 amps
Maximum DC Distribution Circuits = 12
Maximum DC Branch Fuse Size = 20 amps
Weight = under 10 pounds

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