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Progressive Dynamics PD9245: 45 Amp Converter

Progressive Dynamics

Progressive Dynamics PD9245: 45 Amp Converter

Product Code: VTS-320


Pendant IncludedThe 45 amp Progressive Dynamics INTELI-POWER 9245C is a state-of-the-art electronic power converter and battery charger. It converters 120 VAC power to 12 VDC power for all your 12 VDC lights and appliances. And unlike old fashioned converters, it does a superb job charging and properly maintaining your RV's battery.

Unlike earlier generation 9100 Series converters, 9200 Series converters have the Charge Wizard charging module built in so you don't need to buy any add-on accessories for efficient battery charging.

The Charge Wizard is a microprocessor-controlled device integrated inside the converter housing. It constantly monitors your RV battery, and then automatically adjusts the converter output voltage based on its charge status. This voltage variation is essential for fast recharging and property battery maintenance. For more information, click on the Field Notes tab above.

  • INTELLIGENT BATTERY CHARGING ... The primary advantage of the INTELI-POWER 9200 Power Converter is the integration of smart battery charging technology. The built-in Charge Wizard microprocessor constantly monitors the battery voltage then automatically adjusts the converter output voltage to provide the correct charging voltage for fast recharges and proper long-term maintenance.
  • CLEAN, FILTERED POWER ... This solid-state converter delivers filtered DC power to all 12VDC lighting and appliance circuits, providing safer and more reliable service than older converters.
  • MULTIPLE BATTERY CHARGING ... The INTELI-POWER 9200 has the capability of charging mulitple batteries at the same time! They can even charge a combination of different capacity batteries.
  • GFCI PROTECTION ... The INTELI-POWER 9200 has the LOWEST ground fault leakage. With this unit, the user can confidently utilze the RV's AC outlets without beign concerned about a ground fault interruption of the facility's power source.
  • REVERSE BATTERY PROTECTION ... If a battery is accidentally hooked up improperly (backwards), the converter will not be damaged. Extermally mounted ATC type fuses will blow when a battery is connected in reverse. Just replace them with the same type and rating.
  • SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION ... The "smart" INTELI-POWER 9200 converter, senses--within millionths of a second--if the ouput terminals have been shorted. If this condition should occur, the converter first limits the current. Should the condition continue to exist, the converter then reduces the current output, again within millionths of a second. The INTELI-POWER 9200 was designed to protect itself. Once the short circuit has been corrected, the INTELI-POWER 9200 will automatically return to normal operating conditions.
  • AUTOMATIC THERMAL PROTECTION ... If an over temperature condition should occur due to air flow obstruction or improper installation, the INTELI-POWER 9200 senses the condition and decreases power output until the unit returns to normal operating temperature. The converter will return to full output capacity as it cools down.
  • IGNITION PROTECTION ... All INTELI-POWER 9200 series converters are ignition protected.
  • INTERNAL COMPONENT COOLING ... The INTELI-POWER 9200 series of converters are equipped with a variable speed cooling fan. The fan will only run at the speed needed to prevent the converter from overheating and shutting down. Running the fan at lower speeds where possible reduces the audible noise generated by the fan while protecting the the converter from excess heat. The location of the fan allows for the maximum cololing of both the case and components.
  • LOW LINE VOLTAGE PROTECTION ... If the AC input voltage is insufficient, the converter shuts down to protect your appliances from damaging low voltage irregularities. The unit will return to normal operation when the voltage returns to normal.
  • HIGH LINE VOLTAGE PROTECTION ... If the AC input voltage exceeds 135V, the converter will shut down to prevent damage. The unit will return to normal operation when the voltage returns to normal. The INTELI-POWER series of power converters have undergone tens of thousands of hours of strenuous engineering testing to insure years of trouble free operation. These converters have been designed and tested to provide mainenance-free operation.

The Charge Wizard is a microprocessor-controlled device built in to Progressive Dynamics 9200 Series Inteli-Power Converters. It constantly monitors the RV battery, then automatically adjusts the converter output voltage based on the battery's charge status. The Charge Wizard has four (4) operating Modes (BOOST, NORMAL, STORAGE AND DESULFATION). Each Mode is automatically selected by the microprocessor and ensures a fast yet safe recharge for your RV battery.

Other converters run at a steady 13.6 VDC which is just what you need to power the 12-volt systems in your trailer. The problem is, 13.6 volts isn't the most efficient way to recharge a low battery...and it isn't the optimum way to store a battery. The 9200's Charge Wizard makes the converter an intelligent battery charger that will safely and rapidly recharge a discharged battery and then maintain it properly.

It does this by reading your batteries current voltage level. If your battery is depleted below 11.9V, the converter selects the Boost Mode (14.4V) of operation to rapidly charge your battery most of the way. Once the battery reaches 90% of full charge, the Charge Wizard automatically selects the Normal Mode (13.6V) to safely complete the charge. The Storage Mode (13.2V) is automatically selected after 30 hours of non-use of the 12-volt RV electrical systems. The lower charging voltage in the Storage Mode of operation reduces battery gassing and water usage, while maintaining the charge. Every 21 hours when the system is operating in the Storage Mode, the Charge Wizard will automatically switch to the Desulfation Mode of operation. The Desulfation Mode increases the charging voltage up to 14.4 volts for 15 minutes. This increased voltage mixes up the battery electrolyte and prevents battery stratification and the resulting problems of battery sulfation.

The chart below shows how the 9200's Charge Wizard moves from one mode to the next over time.


The chart above shows the amount of time it took a 55 amp Inteli-Power converter set to three different output voltages to recharge a 125 AH (Amp Hour) battery after it was fully discharged to 10.5-volts.

  • 14.4-VOLTS (Boost Mode) – Returned the battery to 90% of full charge in approximately 3-hours. The battery reached full charge in approximately 11 hours.
  • 13.6-VOLTS (Normal Mode) – Required 40-hours to return the battery to 90% of full charge and 78-hours to reach full charge.
  • 13.2-VOLTS (Storage Mode) – Required 60-hours to return the battery to 90% of full charge and 100-hours to reach full charge.

As you can see the Charge Wizard's ability to increase the voltage of the converters from the Normal Output Voltage of 13.6-volts to 14.4-volts in the Boost Mode, will significantly reduce the time it takes to recharge your RV battery. The lower voltage 13.2-volts Storage Mode, prevents battery gassing and water loss allowing you to keep your RV plugged into 120 VAC power during storage to maintain the battery at full charge.

  • Amps Output: 45 Amps
  • Volts Output: 13.6 VDC in normal operating mode (varies from 13.2 to 14.4 VDC depending on state of battery charge).
  • Input: 105-130 VAC, 725 Watts
  • Size: 4.5"H X 8.25"L" X 7.25"W Weight: 4.5 Lbs

UL listed for the US and Canada

Two-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

All battery chargers must be modified to work properly with true Gel Batteries. Gel Batteries prefer slightly lower voltages. If you plan to use your Inteli-Power with a Gel Battery, please contact us for details. AGM and all other types of lead acid batteries do not require this modification. Optima batteries are AGM batteries and work with these chargers with no modifications. If in doubt, please contact us for more information.