Retro Lil' Camper Cafeteria Kids' Trays

Retro Lil' Camper Cafeteria Kids' Trays


These party-colored trays are sure to delight the little campers in your life! Made of BPA-free melamine, each tray is 9-3/4" wide, 8-1/2" tall, and 3/4" deep, with four separate sections that are just the right size for small hands and hearty appetites. Perfect for meals on the road or in a blanket tent in the living room!

The Blue tray is decorated with vintage trailers, bicycles, traffic lights, and signs proclaiming "Little Campers Rock!"

The Green tray displays a vintage trailer, tents and campfires. One section reads "Camping Time! Lil' Camper."

The Red tray features vintage trailers, bicycles, and sprinkles of stars. Marquee signs announce "Lil Campers Welcome!"

Get one of each for a festive set!

Dishwasher safe, top rack only. Not suitable for microwave use.