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Proper rivets and fasteners for vintage trailers are essential to an authentic restoration. Not only do rivets provide that classic aircraft look, they also fasten sheets of metal together which is the primary exterior in a lot of retro campers, including Airstreams and Shasta trailers. These lightweight, strong, and inexpensive parts are extremely hard to find and nearly obsolete in most other fabrication industries. At Vintage Trailer Supply, we provide re-creations of the most popular sizes and shapes for all of your riveting needs across a wide range of trailers, including Airstream, Avion, Silver Streak, Spartan and more.

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Olympic Riveting Kit Olympic Rivets Airstream Buck Riveting Kit Spartan Buck Riveting Kit
5/32" Olympic Riveting Kit
Great Kit Price: $306.21
Airstream Buck Riveting Kit
Great Kit Price! $283.23
Spartan Buck Riveting Kit
Great Kit Price! $241.29
Everything you need to install 5/32" Olympic shave head rivets.

For a factory-original look on the exterior of an Airstream, Avion, Spartan or other riveted trailers.

If you are new to buck riveting, start here. Need to buck rivet a Spartan? Start here.
Mandrel Trimmer 3X Pneumatic Rivet Gun Olympic Rivet Shaver Buck Rivets
Mandrel Trimmer
Our Price: $11.43
Pneumatic Rivet Gun
Our Price: $149.99
Makes Olympic rivet installation easier. For installing solid aircraft style "buck" rivets. Shaves the heads of 5/32" Olympic Bulb-tite rivets, giving them a smooth, finished look. Solid buck rivets for Airstream exteriors
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While learning how to install your own rivets requires time and practice, learning this skill yourself will be invaluable as you restore and use your vintage trailer. We offer all of the riveting tools and supplies necessary for doing the job efficiently and affordably. Skip the multiple calls to professionals to keep your trailer in top working condition; our customer service team is more than happy to answer your questions and ensure you have the correct items to get the job done.

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