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Vintage Trailer Roof Vents & Covers

Proper roof ventilation keeps the air in your vintage trailer from getting stale. Similar to opening a window in your house, roof vents allow air to cycle through your open windows and air units. Because your trailer is a miniature version of your home - you cook, clean, and bathe inside a relatively small space - it stands to reason that you’ll need regular ventilation whether stationary or on the road. Roof vents allow just that. They allow air to circulate through your trailer without having wind rushing in windows. Because they’re such an integral part of your trailer, Vintage Trailer Supplies stocks a wide range of vintage and replacement roof vents for older trailers. Along with vents, we also supply vent covers so that your trailer is protected from the elements and pests while allowing airflow. Shop our selection of vintage trailer roof vents and vent covers today!

Fan-Tastic Fan Vent Metal Roof Vent Nonpowered Metal Base Roof Vent with Translucent White Dome Lexan Lid for Radiused Corner Roof Vents
Fan-Tastic Vent
Starting At Just: $176.99
Premium ceiling fans customized for vintage trailers! Replacement for older trailers. Let the light shine in! For late 1960s and 1970s Airstreams.
Astradome Later Airstream Astradome Airstream Plumbing Stack Cover Refrigerator Vent Cover
Astradome - Later
Our Price: $147.95
Astradome - Earlier
Our Price: $149.95
Fits many late 60s and 70s Airstreams and other makes. Astradome cover for large rectangular roof vents on 1956-65 Airstreams. Fits mid-60s Airstreams Quality reproduction for Airstreams starting in 1964.
Stove Vent Cover Metal Roof Pipe Cover Hehr Vent Cover Gasket 12V Air-Powered Roof Vent
Roof Pipe Cover - Metal
Our Price: $8.19
Hehr Vent Cover Gasket
Our Price: $12.19 / 7' Pkg
12V Air-Powered Roof Vent
Our Price: $69.99
Premium reproduction plastic stove vent cover. Metal cover provides vintage look. Gasket for vintage aluminum roof vents. Bathroom fan with smoke lid.
Stainless Clam Vent Refrigerator Chimney for Inside Airstreams Aluminum Pop Up Vent Narrow D Seal
Narrow D Seal - 10'
Price: $4.99 / 10' Pkg
Small and inconspicuous. Quality replacement for cracked originals. Small aluminum vent with built-in screen A small D seal for a variety of applications.
Wide D Seal Airstream Vent Pipe Gasket Aluminum Vent Pipe Cover Replacement Fan Blade
Wide D Seal - 20'
Price: $11.99 / 20' Pkg
Great all around weather strip for many applications. Used under the aluminum vent pipe cover. Original to 1970s and later trailers. For some 1970s & later fans.
Flat Replacement Lid for Fantastic Fans 19" Square Vent Lid With Radius Corners Fantastic Ultra Breeze Vent Cover Ultra Breeze Bug Screen
Fantastic Ultra Breeze Vent Cover
Starting At Just: $49.99
Four colors to choose from!
Large square vent lid. Cover and extend the life of your Fantastic vent! A screen for your Ultra Breeze Vent Cover!
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