RV & Camper Toys: The History of RVing in Miniature

RV & Camper Toys: The History of RVing in Miniature

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By John Brunkowski and Michael Closen

If you've ever owned or admired an Airstream, Camper Van, Motorhome, RV, or collect vintage toys, this book is for you.

A colorful and exciting look at the world of miniature RVs and travel trailers, this fun-filled adventure won't leave you wanting facts. The authors have added plenty of history and tidbits about each piece, along with a concise history of each segment of these collectible toys, including Early RV Toys, Airstream Toys, Japan Tin RV Toys, Travel Trailer Toys, Camper Van Toys, Truck Camper Toys, Motorhome Toys, Little Kids' RV Toys, Foreign RV Toys, and last but not least the fun AND useful RV toys that were also salt and pepper shakers, birdhouses, tea pots, paperweights, Christmas ornaments, cardboard cutouts, and more.

A star-rating guide helps depict which toys are the most collectible, although the authors have picked the best selection from the largest collection of RV/Camper toys. Makes a great gift book for anyone into camping or toy nostalgia. This is the only book on RV/Camping toys available at this time.

  • Softbound
  • 8.5”x11”
  • 128 pages
  • 380 photos