Watts AquaLock

3-Way Bypass Valve, 1/2" PEX

Watts AquaLock

3-Way Bypass Valve, 1/2" PEX

Product Code: VTS-723


This 3-way bypass valve functions like a tee when in the standard position. In that position, water flows through all three sides simultaneously. When the black handle is turned to the bypass position, water is closed off to one of the openings and flows at a right angle through the valve.

Sea Tech marine plumbing valves are designed and manufactured to be trouble free with years of reliable service life. Valves are made with Polysulfone, a high performance thermal plastic material that will not corrode.

Each valve is available in standard imperial inch sizes and interconnect with all Sea Tech 24 Series fittings.

Unique, quick-connect design allows for quick and easy connections without any special installation tools. Simply cut the plastic, copper, or CPVC piping and snap a Sea Tech fitting in place. This provides a watertight seal.

Each valve has been rated for 180 degrees F at 100 psi (100 degrees C at 6.8 bar), and 75 degrees F at 250 psi (24 degrees F at 17.25 bar).

Certified to NSF-61, NSF-14, CSA B137.5, ASTM F877, IGC 188-04c, and recognized by the Uniform Plumbing Code.

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