Shurflo Single Fixture Pump


Shurflo Single Fixture Pump

Product Code: VTS-197


This compact automatic demand fresh water pump is perfect for small trailers with only a sink and no toilet or shower. Simply pair it with a single basin faucet and wire it to your trailer's 12 volt battery.

Inlet and outlet are both 3/8" barbs for use with 3/8" ID tubing and hose clamps. It self-primes up to 2.5 vertical feet while delivering over 1.0 GPM.

For excellent reliability and performance, it is equipped with thermal protection and long life pressure switch rated to 30 PSI.

Draws up to 3 amps. Dimensions: 6.8" x 3.9" x 2.5"

1-year warranty.

Don't forget to install a strainer. Strainers are required to be covered under warranty.

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