String Tie Mantle (Pkg of 2)

String Tie Mantle (Pkg of 2)

Product Code: VTS-392



Soft tie-on mantles are well known among campers. They're used on larger camp lanterns and many vintage trailer owners use them on their Humphrey, Sunbeam or other brand of wall-mounted gas light. If your old light has a ceramic burner nose with a simple groove around it, these are right for you. If your burner nose has three notches on it, your old light was not originally designed to use this type of mantle. The ceramic nose piece in your gas light was designed to fit the ring on a preformed "hard" mantle. Hard mantles are the best mantle available, but they are more expensive. For that reason, some people choose string-tie mantles on their notched burner noses. Suitable for natural gas or propane.