Suburban NT-16SEQ Furnace


Suburban NT-16SEQ Furnace

Product Code: VTS-946



This compact (9-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 21-1/8") and lightweight (22 lbs) direct discharge furnaces is just the ticket for smaller trailers.

They have a powerful 12-volt 3 amp fan electronic ignition so you don't have to deal with a a pilot light.

These are ductless heaters, so hot air is blown out the front of the unit and cold air return is also in the front of the unit.

15,000 BTU input.

A 4" side duct is optional.

They fit cabinet depths of 21" to 27-3/4".

Cut-Out dimensions are 10 3/16" H x 10 9/16" W.

Grille is polar white.

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