Toilet Floor Flange

Toilet Floor Flange

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A toilet floor flange (or closet flange) is required with any modern toilet. The flange sits on top of the flooring and holds either 2 or 4 closet bolts that extend upward to secure the base of the toilet to the floor.  The flange also funnels the 4" diameter toilet discharge into a 3" diameter hole in the black tank. For a modern toilet to seal properly, it must have a flange of approximately 3/8" thickness resting on top of the flooring.  A foam seal goes on top of that.

All our floor flanges are solid ABS and can accommodate either a 2-bolt or a 4-bolt toilet. We sell the widest variety available because flooring thicknesses and black tank fittings vary widely between vintage trailers. 
To select the proper flange, you must first determine what fitting is permanently part of your black tank. The majority of black tanks have female threaded holes in the top.  If that is what your tank has, you will likely need a male pipe thread toilet flange.
After you determine which style of flange you need, you will need to determine the total thickness of material you need to span between the top of your flooring and the tank opening. Some flanges are taller and some are shorter.  Pick the one that works with your flooring.
If you have a unique situation, like a tank with a 2" top hole instead of a 3" hole, or a tank with a large space between flooring and the tank, or perhaps a tank with a non-removable old flange, just let us know and we can help steer you to the best solution. 
Here are the definitions of the four types of flanges we sell:
  • HUB = A socket for a 3" pipe. Generally, a 3" hub has an ID of approximately 3.5" to accommodate the OD of a pipe with a 3" ID.
  • SPIGOT = The same diameter as a 3" pipe. The ID is 3" and the OD is approximately 3.5".
  • MPT = Male pipe thread. The ID will be 3".
  • FPT = Female pipe thread. The ID will be more than 3" because the pipe that threads into it will have a 3" ID.