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The ability to safely and securely tow your trailer is paramount to being able to enjoy the vintage trailer lifestyle. Investing in proper camper towing hardware is the smartest investment you can make toward securing your most prized possession. Vintage Trailer Supply can make your camping experience easier with our trailer towing supplies. Our sturdy towing equipment will provide you with peace of mind while you make your way to your next adventure.

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Masterlock Stainless Hitch Pin 7-Pin Trailer Connector Adapter 7-Blade Socket to 4-Pin Plug 7-Way Car-End Tester
7-Pin Trailer Connector
Our Price: $10.49
So smartly designed. For repairing your cable. If your tow vehicle does not have a brake controller yet. Quickly verify your tow vehicle wiring is operating properly.
7-Way Extreme Cold Weather Trailer Cable Metal Breakaway Switch Master Lock Coupler Lock DT Universal Coupler Lock
Metal Breakaway Switch
Our Price: $23.19
The best 7-blade cable you can buy. Make absolutely sure yours is working properly. Great for vintage Marvel couplers! Fits 99% of all couplers.  And very high security.
7-Way Molded Plug and Cable 7-Way Plug Boot 7-Way Wiring Box
7-Way Molded Trailer Cable
Starting At: $29.99
7-Way Junction Box
Price: $24.99
High quality 7 blade standard cable.
Optional boot for our 7-way plug. Wire your trailer right with this high quality junction box.

If you are looking for a strong breakaway switch, our metal breakaway switch is the perfect option for you. It is sturdier than most switches, as it features metal holdings instead of plastic. If you need to verify whether your hitch is able to safely support the weight of your vintage trailer, you can use our trailer tongue weight scale.

You can never be too careful when it comes to securing your vintage trailer. It is important that you are certain of your vehicle’s towing capacity, the tongue weight of your hitch and that your trailer is secure. Stop guessing and start towing safely.

Whether you need to upgrade your current towing setup or you’re looking to make necessary repairs, you’ll find what you need with our wide selection of trailer towing supplies, accessories and hardware for all trailers - including vintage RVs and campers.Shop everything, including tow hitches, chains, backup cameras, tow wiring, breakaway switches and more!

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