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Ventilation Parts for Vintage Trailers

Proper ventilation is an essential part of making your vintage trailer ready for road trips, but restoring a vintage trailer means trying to locate parts in hard-to-find sizes as well as styles that simply donít match your authentic renovation. Vintage Trailer Supply is proud to carry a wide variety of air conditioners, roof vents, roof covers and sidewall vents that fit a number of vintage trailer brands like Airstream, Shasta and more. These air vents and other parts also seamlessly fit into your travel trailerís design, retaining the integrity of the trailer while providing modern amenities.

Fan-Tastic Fan Vent Metal Roof Vent Nonpowered Metal Base Roof Vent with Translucent White Dome Lexan Lid for Radiused Corner Roof Vents
Fan-Tastic Vent
Starting At Just: $158.00
Premium ceiling fans customized for vintage trailers! Replacement for older trailers. Let the light shine in! For late 1960s and 1970s Airstreams.
Astradome Later Airstream Astradome Seamless Air Conditioner Gasket Air Conditioner Drain Kit
Astradome - Later
Our Price: $147.95
Astradome - Earlier
Our Price: $149.95
Fits many late 60s and 70s Airstreams and other makes. Astradome cover for large rectangular roof vents on 1956-65 Airstreams. Better than original factory gaskets. Air Conditioner Dual Cup System
Airstream Plumbing Stack Cover Refrigerator Vent Cover Stove Vent Cover Metal Roof Pipe Cover
Roof Pipe Cover - Metal
Our Price: $7.99
Fits mid-60s Airstreams Quality reproduction for Airstreams starting in 1964. Premium reproduction plastic stove vent cover. Metal cover provides vintage look.
Sidewall Exhaust Fan Chrome 12V Fan Hehr Vent Cover Gasket 12V Air-Powered Roof Vent
Sidewall Exhaust Fan
Our Price: $59.99
Chrome 12V Fan
Our Price: $27.99
Hehr Vent Cover Gasket
Our Price: $11.99 / 7' Pkg
12V Air-Powered Roof Vent
Our Price: $69.99
Closest available replacement for 1950s style exhaust fan.

Attractive and practical.

Gasket for vintage aluminum roof vents. Bathroom fan with smoke lid.

Roof vents and covers are typically made with a flat lid Ė domes are a dead giveaway that youíve changed something on your trailer. We offer various flat-top vent covers that are durable, easy to install and look great. Not sure where to start with your travel trailer vent replacements? Our team has seen a huge range of trailers and has personal experience with restoration. Contact us today for tips and advice!

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