Vertical Handle Shaft for KT Lock

Vertical Handle Shaft for KT Lock

Product Code: VTS-1013


This is the vertical shaft for the outside handle of KT locksets used on many Airstream trailers from 1970 to 1977. The shaft will come without holes drilled in it. Airstream is now doing this because there is some variance in the required position of the holes between locks. You will need to have access to a quality drill press to drill the holes correctly.

The KT Story: KT locks were used by Airstream in the early 1970s on most trailers. Over the years, the design of the lock exterior and fit in the trailer has remained constant, but the interior has changed as the linking parts were modified. Some parts available today do not work well with older locks. Unfortunately, there is not easy way to determine whether the parts available today will fit in your lock or fit with modification. Of course, you can return any part that does not fit so long as it has not been modified, damaged or used.