Vintage Trailer Restorations (Before & After Photos)

Amazing Trailer Restorations (Before & After Photos)

While many may love the old-fashioned style of a vintage trailer, it doesn’t always make for the best home. A few renovations here and there can turn your vintage trailer into a loving house, lounge area or even storefront. Not only is it a great project to work on, but it also leaves you with a worthy end product. Although it is undoubtedly a long and bumpy road when it comes to a complete transformation, most say they couldn’t be any happier. If you’re looking for inspiration to renovate your trailer or even just interested in the topic, here are some amazing transformations that are bound to blow your mind:


Ida Gleaton’s Airstream

  • This renovated Airstream was stripped completely and redesigned from scratch by Ida Gleaton with the help of her husband and family members.
  • For her design, she focused on using bold wallpapers and fabrics to liven up the interior of her vintage trailer.
  • Now used to house her business, “The Urban Cottage,” selling vintage furniture, this lovely renovation resonates with style and function.

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Kristen & Siya’s Airstream “Luna”

  • Couple Kristen and Siya spent a full year renovating their 1976 Sovereign Airstream from a ‘70s-styled vintage trailer into a modern new home.
  • To complete this full renovation, the couple had to completely re-wire their Airstream as well as replace tanks and redo the walls.
  • Running on solar power, this vintage trailer was transformed into the ultimate home complete with a water filtration system, an advanced sound system, compost toilet and much more.

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Sam Harriss’s 1971 Shasta Camper Renovated by Paul & Kim Fuelling

  • This 1971 Shasta Compact Camper was given a complete makeover by Paul and Kim Fuelling (Mabel Studios) and transformed into a bar on wheels.
  • The old camper was dark and enclosed, which led Paul and Kim to open up the trailer and create a more open space that could bring natural light in.
  • By incorporating large windows, spacious countertops and plenty of room for bar equipment, this couple turned this tiny Shasta into a beautiful cocktail bar for weddings and events.

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Rusty & Jami’s 1976 Airstream

  • This 1976 Airstream trailer was transformed into the ultimate fun house by owners Jay Penningon (Rusty Lazer) and Jami Girouard.
  • Designed with customized cabinets and decorative lights, this bright, colorful decorated home is unique from the typical renovated trailers.
  • This renovation focuses on the use of color and lights to create a whole new vibe.
  • Although it is primarily used as their home, this vintage trailer doubles as a mobile piece of artwork used to share a bit of the couple’s personality with the world.

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Sheena & Jason’s 1975 Airstream “Mavis”

  • This transformation turns this 1975 Airstream into a clean, white, modern-style home with the help of its loving owners Sheena and Jason.
  • One big problem this trailer faced was “shag carpeting” which was completely stripped away and replaced with beautiful wood flooring.
  • Learning each thing as they went, Sheena and Jason redid all of the plumbing, electricity and basic carpentry by researching and sketching out designs.

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Randal’s 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion

  • This 1955 Spartan was renovated into an imperial mansion by Randal’s Remodeling as a personal project by this contractor.
  • A very spacious trailer by nature, Randal focused on bringing the Spartan back to its original form rather than transforming it into a whole new design.
  • The birch paneling is something that he was determined to bring back due to the fact that it was the closest to the original design.
  • Although he had to re-wire and re-gut the interior, we’d say he did a pretty good job restoring the old trailer.

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Christina McMahon’s 1965 Shasta Super 18

  • Christina McMahon took her 1965 Shasta Super 18 and transformed it into the ultimate luxury living space.
  • When she started off, she had no gas lines, no electrical system, rotting floors, weak roof structure and no appliances.
  • After fixing the technicalities, she focused on creating a central color theme as well as choosing color themes for things like curtains, blankets and pillows to make it more aesthetic.

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If you know of any other remarkable vintage trailer transformations and would like us to include it, let us know!