Winegard Rayzar Air Amplified HD Antenna

Winegard Rayzar Air Amplified HD Antenna

Product Code: VTS-2020
$129.99 - $149.99

The ultra-sleek Rayzar Air amplified HD TV antenna delivers near Blu-Ray quality programming at no monthly cost. Optimized to receive TV signals from the front and back of the antenna head, the Rayzar Air captures the full UHF spectrum. This doubles the coverage area and makes it possible to receive more channels than ever before! .

Element design provides superior UHF gain allowing greater reception from farther distances. The Rayzar Air also receives high band VHF reception. Sleek attractive housing provides an optimal look angle above roof top obstructions when in use. The Rayzar Air not only looks good, it is designed to withstand UV and harsh weather elements with the same proven durable housing used for Sensar antennas.

Antenna is available on black or white. The base measures 9-1/4" long, 7-3/4" wide at the widest part, and 6-14" wide along the straight edge.